Monsoon season calls for party, you might really prefer going out with best hairdos. But to hair fall is at peak in this season, therefore to avoid them here are few best tips you can apply and brag on the best of your styles without losing a single hair strands.

Experts suggest that atmosphere is more humidity in the monsoon season therefore the hairs goes delicate and fragile. Hence extra care is required to nourish them so that no hair fall takes places. Here come best tips which can rescue you from your hair problem.

Hiar Fall Tips

Head Massage:- Don’t forget to nourish your hair with oil. Make use of hot oil. Take oil on your finger and slowly reach to the roots of the hairs and gently apply them. Do it all over your head.Careful and good massage done for 20-30 minutes unblocks the clogged head pores and allows them to breathe. This therapy also proves efficacious in getting rid of dandruff prone scalp.

Oil: – If you are in the habit of changing your hair oil every now and then as advertisements and various brands have influenced you, then does not. Mustard oil and olive oils are found in provide adequate nourishment to the hair. They provide strength to hair and make them strong.

Steam your head:- This is really simple but you need to be little cautious. After you shampoo your head make sure that you don’t forget to take steam. If you don’t have a steam stand at home, don’t worry. Dip your bathing towel in lukewarm water. After some time take it out, squeeze it and wrap it around your head. Repeat the process, 5-6 times. Do it for 20 minutes so that the warmth of water reaches to the roots. This further makes your hair strong and prevents hair fall.

Almond adds Shine: – Doing external treatment won’t do much wonders if your eating habits are not right. Include almonds and vitamin c rich diet in your meals. Almonds and Vitamin C rich fruits are found good for hair. If you eat non veg food, then include more of eggs in your diet.

Less of Stress:- Experts have found that sound sleep of minimum 8 hours and less of strain proves effective. So take less of worries and preserve your natural asset.

Try out the tips above and feel the difference.