Sakshi NGO is one of the best NGOs in India in the education and health field. Sakshi has been judged to be amongst the best NGOs. Sakshi NGO is working over the last eighteen years at the grass root level for ensuring that India becomes better in the fields of Education, Health and Community Development. Sakshi NGO has been selected and awarded with various Government initiatives. The task of getting the slum dwellers to apply for UID in the slum areas that fall under the NGO was given to them. Sakshi NGO has 120 centres, and they usually work with marginalized women, young children and poor communities.

The Sakshi NGO Contact Information is provided to those who want to work with the NGO in any of their projects. It is also provided to people who are prospective employers who want to recruit graduates from the Computer Training Vocational Program. People who want to donate or are alumni of Sakshi also look for Sakshi NGO Contact Information sometimes.

Sakshi NGO Phone Number:  (+91) 11-24621743 , (+91)9811233595


you can see the Sakshi NGO Contact Information by logging onto their website and going to the Contact Us page.  All the relevant details are provided over there. You will not have to look for anything anywhere else.