Food is the basic requirement of every human being and oil is the basic requirement for cooking food. There are number of options available today for cooking food such as Ghee, edible oil, olive oil, coconut oil, refined oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oils and so on. People often find it difficult to distinguish between different kinds of oils available in the market. They get confused which oil to use for cooking a particular dish. Higher confusion arises when they need to differentiate between cooking oil and vegetable oil. Here we will have a brief discussion regarding the same.

Cooking Oil:

Cooking oil is a fat extracted from animals, plants and by other synthetic fats. It is typically used for baking, frying, dipping and various kind of cooking. At times cooking oil can also be used for flavoring purpose which doesn’t involve the use of heat such as bread dips and salad dressings. Cooking oil can be used for food preparation even in its natural form (without heating) and therefore we can also call them as Edible oil. Cooking oil can be in liquid as well as in solid form. Coconut oil and palm oil are examples of saturated solid oil at room temperature. Other examples of cooking oil include butter, peanut oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil, grape seed oil, ghee, pumpkin seed oil etc.

Vegetable Oil:

Vegetable oil is the oil that is prepared only from different kind of plants such as soybean, coconut, olive, peanut, cottonseed, palm, rapeseed etc. Vegetable oil is actually triglyceride extracted from plants. Vegetable oils are usually liquid at room temperature. Hence, Vegetable oils which are solid at room temperature are referred as Vegetable fat. Besides cooking Vegetable oils are also used in preparation of soap, candles, cosmetics, skin products, perfumes, paints etc. They can also be used in fuel preparation such as biuodiesel.