Election polling is the most prominent way of predicting the outcome of an ongoing election. It helps citizens and journalists to understand the actual scenario of election campaign which includes opinion about a particular candidate, voter preference, negative and positive feedback of existing government etc. Opinion Poll and Exit Poll together have capability to describe exact result of an election. However, people frequently get confused while differentiating between these two. Here is the brief description of both of them:

 Opinion Poll

Opinion Poll, one of the most effective marketing research techniques especially used to perform the analysis on particular political, social and many other issues through public opinion. This process is frequently adopted during the period of election to draw the statistical result by doing survey on randomly chosen group of people all across the country. It helps us to understand the exact picture of election that means which leader is the foremost choice of people and which party is going to be set up the government?

Exit Poll

Exit Poll is known as the more reliable technique than Opinion poll as it is taken from the voters just after they have left their polling station and hence can provide an exact upshot of current election. Although it has a considerable contribution in predicting the result of an election however several countries have legislation to prevent this method as it can influence voters all through the day.

The basic difference between Opinion Poll and Exit Poll can be described based on quality of survey. If survey is done with full of perfection then yes we can say Opinion Poll can deliver expected result of any election whereas an Exit Poll has capacity to provide exact result of an election. In short, Opinion Poll is the prediction while on the other hand Exit poll is the conclusion.