We often purchase products and always expect that whatever thing we buy must be assured with certain security that a particular product will work properly and the seller will hold responsibility for the same. This requirement is fulfilled by guarantee and warranty provided with every product.

Difference between Warranty & Guarantee

On some products we get guarantee while on others we receive warranty. These two terms usually creates confusion in the mind of buyer. Though warranty and guarantee are quite similar yet they are different. Both of them are used to give assurance of the buyer about the quality and working of the product.

Guarantee is an agreement of taking responsibility of products working and servicing in case if certain promises made by manufacturer are not fulfilled. Guarantee assures the buyer that the products he/she is buying will work properly for given period of time and if buyer faces any issue in product in that particular time duration, the product will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer. Guarantee is bounded for a specific period of time and can’t be extended.

  • Guarantee is available for free most of the time.
  • It is a promise by the manufacturer or company for product quality and service.
  • Guarantee is applicable for stipulated time duration.
  • You can claim for the guarantee in Consumer Law.
  • It is not important to have warranty as well for taking guarantee on effect.
  • Guarantee covers only given problems.

On the other hand, Warranty is an engagement or a legal contract that offers a written promise regarding the repair and replacement of the product bought. Warranty may extend the guarantee period in case of product failure.

  • Warranty is a paid service for which you need to pay.
  • Warranty is an authorized contract of guarantee.
  • It can be extended for longer duration.
  • It covers wide array of problem.
  • Warranty can be offered in place of Guarantee.