Elder Health Care Ltd is an Indian company which manufactures and distributes FMCG and skin care products worldwide.It was incorporated in 1988 as a part of Elder group of companies.It has manufacturing facilities in Patalganga and Rabale in conformity with GMP guidelines.Its headquarters is in Mumbai and has three branches in Chennai, Kolkata and New Delhi and agents all across India. It employs almost 1000 people.

It is listed with BSE and NSE. It has market capitalization of Rs.176 Million and revenue of Rs.30.4434 Million. Its Chairperson and MD are Mr.Jagdisg Saxena and Mr. Anuj Saxena.

It has vast number of product categories ranging from  OTC products  in pain relief treatment, burn injury, oral care to complete skin and hair care program  comprising of cleansers, moisturizers, fairness creams, lip balms, serums, conditioners , cosmetics,sops, deodorants,creams for skin disorders like ache,  pigmentations, anti-cellulite, stretch marks  etc.

In order to ensure continuous growth and diversity it has various in-license agreements and marketing tie-ups with many domestic and International companies like Blistex lip care products which is Licensed from Ms. Blistex Inc., USA and Fuel for Men Licensed from VLCC, India. Its goal is to become largest global player of FMGC.

For any query related to media, career, operations, investment, research and development or for any other assistance you can contact Elder Health Care Ltd                             at

Elder Pharma Phone Number: +91-22-2673 0058 – 67

Email: corporate.ehcl@elderhealthcare.in

Elder Pharma Corporate Office Address: C-9, Dalia Industrial Estate,

Off New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400 058 INDIA