Relations are the purest things humans are bestowed with. Be it a son relation to father, a daughter to mother, or a wife to husband, each and every relation holds value and therefore we tend to preserve them all our life. Amid all, relation of spouse is the best to cherish and relish. Kids grow, get married, despite of how much you love them or they love you, responsibilities tend to change their directions and being engrossed in meeting the family’s requirement they might not give adequate heed to their parents but your partner who has promised you seven vows in front of sacred fire would never leave you alone.

make up after fight with your partner

Through all high and lows the couples promises to stay together and gets in the bond of marriage. But marriage is not easy to carry. Many impediments come and situations are not the same forever, and things may go on rocks, but how to save it. Here are few tips which can help you to restore things to normal so that you happily resume to live your gala days.

Compatibility: – First thing to make any relation is how well you and your partner are compatible with you. If yours is arrange marriage, then make every attempt that your partner feels comfortable and relaxed in your company. Don’t criticize him/her for doings, this may make them cautious, instead, encourage them, highlight the positives, so that they gel up well with you.

Identify the problem: – Your partner is angry? He/she is gloomy and all blue? It’s not necessary that you are the reason for it, but you can be if you leave him/her that way. If your partner is tensed or worried, try spending some time with her/her, ask about the reason of worry, even if you don’t have a solution to it, be a patient listener; it may really help them to get relaxed and calm.

Go out for a dinner: – Spending quality time is really necessary. Break the monotony and go out for lunch or dinner with your beloved. Make them feel special. Talk how their presence has changed your life and how much they are important to you. No one is born perfect, everyone has flaws, but how you look at them plays a key role.

Never talk about the past: – It is highly recommended that never let your past hover you in the present. If you ever had a relation in past, never talk about it with your spouse, he/she may not like it. Instead speak them about your present and how you both together can make best memories for future.