Is your wedding date approaching? Are you searching for the best online apparel stores to find best wedding attires but all you are bothered about your body flabs and extra inch of flesh on your stomach and waist and wonder how you can reduce it to look ultra-slim and beautiful in your wedding pictures?


This article can help you find best tips to look slim in your wedding without any efforts. All you need to do is to get camera friendly and pose confidently.

If you have extra fat of your stomach or waist and you find it hard to reduce it now, as wedding is round the corner.  Working out won’t help much in such short span of time, at this time all you need is best advices which can help you pose the best in front of all the guests.

For broader bodies:- If your body type is broader from the front, don’t pose right before the camera, instead go for side postures. Standing with your body and shoulder directly facing the camera can reduce the picture quality and may appeal you look fatter. For the type of body you hold it is advisable to face the camera from side postures of the body.

If you more fat on your face:-  If your face is heavier than your body, ask the photographer to take the picture from raised level. This can help your face look slimmer with better pictures to preserve for future memories.

Fat Belly:- If you have  a fat belly, never mind you can always try this solution to escape from wrong postures that spoil your pictures. For fat belly you can always try wearing little loose fitting gown or if you are wearing a blouse and lehanga, try covering it with duppatta so that it is less visible or cross your hands before your stomach. This is an easy escape and can help you getting the best clicks.

If you have heavy hands:- For all those having heavy hands try wearing attires that cover your hands. For better pictures don’t expose your hands directly before the camera instead pose either sideways. Don’t fold your arms while posing; this can make them look them further heavier.

Nobody wants to look bad in wedding photographs, if you too wish the same and looking for tips that can help your concealing extra fat flabs, consider the tips above and preserve best memories.