National Population Commission is the commission of India government that is established with an objective of economic and social development. It aimed to improve the quality of life that people live and enhance their well-being. It further provides them various opportunities to be responsible citizens of the society. Indeed, India was the first country to launch this program and largely ensures a platform to stabilize the country’s population that is in consistency with the country’s economic policies. The commission updates all relevant information on its sites regularly in order to ensure transparency with the general public.

NCLM Official Website:

NCLM Helpline Phone Number: N/A

National Population Commission indeed strives to bring forth quality of life for its individuals and ensure to give its best efforts to keep proper control on the population figures that are healthy for the growth of the economy. National population commission has its permanent website portal that furnishes all adequate information about the commission. Common people can also reach out to the commission officials to get information as deems fit to their role and position at the helpline number or can mention their problems if any, to the officials. Phone number details are up on the site, besides contact address is also mentioned.