Sandisk is a multinational corporation that is engrossed in the designing and development of flash memory storage devices. The company has made its presence in different locations and sells off its products in almost 100 different countries. Having large customer base it has maintained an unshakable reputation. The flash memory devices use solid state drives and catching software for laptop, pc and enterprise applications. It has multifaceted product portfolio incorporating flash memory cards for mobile phones, digital cards and camcorders, digital audio, video players, USB flash drives for the consumers and embedded memory devices for memory devices. It is Silicon Valley based company with S&P 500 Company with most of the sales outside in United States.

Sandisk India Contact Number Details

Sandisk India Technical Support Number: 1800-102-2055

The company hasbeen offering its products to different countries and has established its retail services across different locations serving the customers with premium assistance. To ensure needed assistance to the customers on various products manufactured and designed, the company has team of experts and professionals who offer matchless quality services to the perturbed users and cater to resolve their problems.

Sandisk India Bangalore Office Address: Level 04 & 05, Block B, Bagmane Laurel, Bagmane Technology Park, Byrasandra, C.V. Raman Nagar , 560 093.

Tel. NO.: 91 4242 2000

It has deployed its team of professionals in different locations with India too having deft professionals solving diverse problems of the customers via Sandisk India Customer Care Number.