Morari Bapu a Hindu spiritual Buddhist leader born on 25 September 1947 at Talgajarda near Mahuva, Gujarat. Morari Bapu is renowned as the proponent of Ram Charit Manas (epic poetry art loosed based on the Book Ramayana). The Fundamental Aim Of this art form is enduring the universal peace, love and humanitarian compassion.  Until now, Bapu organized 700 kathas that held at the various corners of India and also some international locations from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, South Africa and Kenya to the United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, Australia, Israel and Japan.  He wrote articles and columns for various press publishers including The Jerusalem Post, The Tibet Post, The Hindu, The Times of India and The Huffington Post

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Bapu is served the help-needed- people, beyond considering the religion, caste or color.  For more than two decades, Bapu is the chief guest at the annual Yaad-e-Hussain programme that conducted my Muslim community Mahuva at Soro of Odisha State. Also, he helped for recovering the calamities and natural disaster in India and abroad including Gujarat earthquake, Bihar floods, Fukushima nuclear disaster and crowd funding initiatives for various help needed ones.  For Donating to Bapu’s relief fund, wished ones can visit the embedded payment gateway links enabled in his official website.  For attending his open- payer function details are displayed on his website, else the wished ones can contact Sant Shree Morari Bapuji through his official website. Complete contact details of Sant Shree Morari Bapuji including press enquiries, contact numbers are displayed on under the contact forum link.