All the substantiation shows, our universities are the major factor for enduring, sustainable growth and affluence. Universities of India are also known as the key contributor in improving the Indian economic rate by producing talented and skilled engineers, doctors, accountants, economists etc. Nowadays hundreds of universities are available all across the country but here are top ten universities who are not solely known for their outstanding education but also personality development of students:

  1. IITD(Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)

AS one of the leading universities, IITD came into existence as an engineering college in 1961 and declared as the member of Institute of Technology group in 1963. Its large campus is situated in Hauz Khas nearby South Delhi. The university has huge infrastructure and highly educated faculties that makes the education standard of IITD higher. Based on its performance it secured a place at 13th position under QS BRICS 2014 university rankings.

  1. IITB(Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)

Next place is occupied by IITB, the second oldest member of Institute of Technology Group founded in 1958 and situated in Powai Suburb at Mumbai. Along with engineering and science department it also has humanities and social sciences departments. It is at the 15th position according to the QS University Rankings 2014.

  1. IITK(Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)

IITK got 16th position after the analysis of QS University Rankings 2014. It was founded in 1960 and has acres of campus just outside the city of Kanpur.

  1. IITM (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)

IITM is at the 3rd position among the top universities of India which was founded in 1959 and presently at the 17th position under QS University Rankings 2014.

  1. IITKGP(Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)

IITKGP is the fifth member of Institute of Technology group and recently acquired 20th position under the survey of QS BRICS 2014 university rankings.

  1. IITR(Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee)

Founded in as early as 1847, IITR is dedicated to deliver the best education to their students. Based on their previous year experience, today they are situated at the 37th position under QS BRICS 2014 university rankings.

  1. University of Delhi

It was founded in 1922 and currently holding the 39th position among the BRICS university. The university has two branches; the first one is at North Delhi and another one is at the south Delhi.

  1. University of Calcutta

Established in 1857, University of Calcutta is recognized as one of the well-known multidisciplinary public university. According to QS BRICS 2014 university rankings it got its position at 50th.

  1. IITG(Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)

As India’s seventh IIT, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati ranked 53rd position in QS university rankings 2014.

  1.  University of Mumbai

University of Mumbai is referred as one of the India’s oldest university which was established in 1857. It is holding its 68th rank in BRICS universities.